Pasta Reggia

Pasta Reggia

The history of the brand begins with an Italian family, who worked in a mill and a pasta factory since 1949, who later founded his own enterprise and took the reins of management in his own hands, it was Antonio Pallante. He always said that the quality of the product should never be sacrificed for its volume. Although decades have passed since then and today the company is run by the fourth generation of the Pallante family, this approach has not changed. For “Pasta Reggia” producers, natural product means tasty and healthy product, and because of this approach, many consumers like this brand.

Pasta Reggia has long gone beyond the local market. In many countries of the world, including Georgia, pasta is available, which allows us to eat exactly such spaghetti, carbonara, lasagna, etc. like in Italy. The manufacturer uses natural, hard wheat, which is why the product is useful for dieting or just healthy eating.
The company has developed a manufacturing technology that constantly maintains quality. The brand has many types of pasta in production and it satisfies people with all tastes. In total, the company owns 5 production lines: standard, European and Italian durum wheat pasta line, bio-organic pasta line, 100% Italian rough pasta line, tomato paste, sliced and peeled tomatoes line and also ready sauces for pasta.

BMS LLC is the exclusive distributor of Pasta Reggia in Georgia, which has been allowing the Georgian population to taste Italian pasta of the highest quality for more than 10 years.
Pasta Reggia can be purchased both in chain markets and in traditional stores throughout Georgia.

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