For over 150 years, Droste has been producing the finest confectionary delicacies. The company’s product line includes six varieties of premium pastilles, as well its iconic dutch-processed cocoa powder. Droste cocoa powder has been recognized for excellence by several publications. It won a blind taste test conducted by America’s Test Kitchen, and its cocoa powder was selected best in the category by Cook’s Illustrated. Droste also produces several gift boxes, filled with the same high-quality chocolate that has earned the brand international acclaim. In the summer of 1863, Gerardus Johannes Droste’s pastry and biscuit bakery in Haarlem, Netherlands opened its doors to the public. During these years, Droste built up a great reputation and as a result, the first Droste factory opened in 1890.

From 2023, distribution company BMS LLC exclusively imports Droste’s premium pastilles and gift boxes in Georgia.

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